Meet the REAL Perpetrators of Mass Murder: Psychiatric Drugs

pill bottlesThe American Psychiatric Association has undaunted power to determine whether you or I are mentally incompetent or ill at their discretion. I call it discretion, because there is little, if any scientific data on which  psychiatric illnesses can be measured. (See Natural News: ” The Insane Parade…” ).  See also: Frontline: “The Medicated Child,” a free PBS online documentary.

The bible describes what happens to a person who lives with wrong thinking, wrong standards and a wrong concept of themselves before God. Check out the story of King Nebuchadnezzar. See the Psalms and read how sick King David became physically when he lived with unconfessed sin.

Most important is a statistical list most people will never see,  the media will not expose and politicians would avoid like the plague. SSRI Stories is a website devoted to the exposure of drug related violent crime. See the chart here. Index of Violent Crimes Committed while under the influence of legal mood and brain altering medications.

In my life I have been trained as an Alcohol and Addiction Counselor and also served as a  Volunteer Counselor for a Mental Health Facility in my area. I am/was not impressed. Look at statistics and you will find more and more people are being held less and less accountable for their behaviors. The remedy to their ailments can be found in pharmaceuticals. I think medications are a gift for those who are suffering. Not everyone with a mental problem is directly responsible for their condition. I don’t mean to shed any shame or guilt on those who suffer for unknown reasons. However, Americans are bombarded with drug aids for any and everything since drug companies have been allowed to permeate the airwaves to get your dollars.

A psychiatrist is a pharmacist. His job is to listen to the patient and then to prescribe something pharmaceutical for the condition. A psychiatrist is not a counselor. Most of the counselors are referred to at MFT’s. (Marriage, Family Therapist. Recently changed from MFCC; Marriage, Family, Child Counselor).

The counseling industry also lacks an incredible amount of wisdom, however; they are virtually guiltless when it comes to drugging people into states of frenzy and violence. There is great disagreement among believers as to the validity of “counseling” from other than a biblical view. The “Fathers” of traditional non-biblical counseling were perverted in their thinking, some atheists and others, virtual madmen.

Look at the addiction recovery industry, (of which I never became a part of in the end). It has certainly not eradicated drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, even the thinking on alcohol addiction is changing to support the notion, (and I do mean “notion,” that it is not the “fault” of the individual who can’t help themselves. Never mind the millions who have found sound recovery through accountability in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous)or whatever Anonymous program that has been created. Twelve step programs have gotten a bad reputation in the believing community because there is little understanding of the purpose of the program.  I know many people who have come to a true relationship with God through Christ Jesus, by following the 12 steps. (More on that in some other blog entry.)

Study the Index of Violent Crime and forward it to those you know who feel that an inanimate object, can lift itself, point and fire, on another human being, without the help of brain and flesh.  The issue is in the insane abuse of psychiatric drugs on children and unstable individuals, who need more help than a pill can give. Many of them need to look into the face of God, repent and believe. He offers freedom to anyone who comes to him. Counselors and Psychiatrists have no power to heal. He does.

See this article by James Tracy An Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University; From Persuasion to Coercion

One response to “Meet the REAL Perpetrators of Mass Murder: Psychiatric Drugs

  • Carolyn Ensley

    Dear Diane…..thank you for this…….itis so true. We have a great encouragemment in our Lord Jesus. He is alwys with us….He will never forsakeus.Other are headed straight to eternity without Christ….but ee are assured of our home in heaven.That would be,we are assured of our future.I beleive He will answer every prayer we ask within His will.Bible study should be real good this week with Barbara. Thank you for bringing Mary Lou………..Love ya! Carolyn

    Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 19:26:29 +0000 To:

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