Elitist Gates… Pro Vaccines and Pro Population Control

Driving down the road this afternoon, I was assaulted with signs poking up from the ground at eye level next to the curb in front of a well known pharmacy chain.

Get ’em here… whooping cough vaccinations, shingles vaccinations, flu vaccinations! A potpourri of pharmaceuticals administered through the “eye” of a needle.  Vaccinations are getting as popular as the latest fad diet. If a pharmacy uses signage, well, it MUST be good for you right? Read on…

Do you know who Bill Gates is, and what is on his agenda? He is the CEO of Microsoft. The guru who invented it.

There is so much information out there, related to his doings with the United Nations and Agenda 21 (basically population control) that it is better that you peruse the info at your leisure. It is important information for you and your family.  Read it now before it all gets scrubbed from the internet or a new executive order wipes out your freedom to research for it.

Gates on population control

At the same time, Gates plans on heavily influencing people to take vaccines by using smear campaigns on anyone using the internet who encourages responsible thought and individual decision making.

Bill Gates:  Vaccines Reduce Population

Gates on forced Vaccines

If you even perused the above articles and still believe that your best interests are at heart from the elitists…

See this testimony: Miriam: Death to New Life

Are you still living in the dark ages, imagining that there are no bad people in the world or people who do not care about you?

Certain people don’t like you; important people, people with power and authority. They don’t like you because you love God and understand freedom. They don’t like you because you understand your rights come from God. They have no qualms about reducing populations all over the world, including where you live. They really don’ t like any of us.

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