100 Million on Welfare… the American Way?

A graph originated by the U.S. Census Survey of Income and Program Participation, and produced by Ranking US Senate Committee on the Budget member Jeff Sessions  website,  indicates  over 100 million people in the United States are eating off of your pay check. The current population clock  indicates that there are 314,124,588 people living in the United States as of todays date. Just under 1/3 of all U.S. residents are on welfare!

I remember working with a woman who would put in 9 hours of work a day, while her neighbor would sit on the steps of her apartment building all day smoking cigarettes. At the first of the month, she waited for the mailman… and a check from the government. This person, with small children, appeared to live a useless existence as her preschool aged children ran around the building undisciplined. My friend felt helpless and angry about the situation.

People need help sometimes and for a time, but not as a lifestyle. Sin prevails in leadership and in the hearts of people who take illegally, without conscience and with a sense of entitlement. Do things need to “change?”

See Chart Here

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