World Council of Churches- American Denominations Anti-Israel

FOSNA Northern California: Sept-October, 2011
New AD campaign features story of Israeli-Palestinian friendship and resistance.
Norcal Sabeel celebrates 10th Anniversary of 9/11 at the Solano Stroll, Berkeley, Ca
(See website by clicking on photo)

The World Council of Churches (WCC) exists to bring a one-faith religion to the world. They also support the Christian-Paslestinianism movement; to uphold Palestine and by anti-Semitic actions, resisting  support of Israel as a nation.

The  WCC  interests are political,  anti-Christ, and anti-Israel. They use scripture, but their goals are far from biblical. ( The Lord said to Abram, “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee .”~ Gen. 12:3) Most disturbing are the organized churches who are members of the group, including; Presbyterian Churches USA and National Baptist Convention USA, among many other familiar American -Christian denominations.

Please see the list of churches on their website.  Not everyone in these congregations know what their denomination is up to regarding disobedience to the Word of God.  The  WCC and the Presbyterian Church USA, have joined Stephen Sizer and the group called, Sabeel, ( an anti-Israel, “Christian” movement).   Sabeel,   (with a North American Chapter) encourages;  “boycott, divestment,  and sanctions” against Israel hoping to force them to make peace with the Palestinians. Their focus is accusatory towards abuses they say Israel has imposed on those who live in what they call Palestine.

What is the World Council of Churches?

The World Council of Churches is a fellowship of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior according to the scriptures, and therefore seek to fulfill together their common calling to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is a community of churches on the way to visible unity in one faith and one eucharistic fellowship, (emphasis mine) expressed in worship and in common life in Christ. It seeks to advance towards this unity, as Jesus prayed for his followers, “so that the world may believe.” (John 17:21)~World Council of Churches

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