Gary Kah with Sid Roth on Odinga and Obama

Gary Kah is a well respected speaker on bible prophecy. In this video with Sid Roth he exposes support from Barack Obama to Kenyan cousin, Raila Odinga, who ran for president in Kenya, and consequently, upon loosing the election, is said to have generated violence. Odinga’s lost election caused great chaos in the churches there.  He is now serving as Prime Minister.

After the killing of  hundreds of Christians and burned churches, to quell the violence he is said to have incited, he was given a place in government affairs. Campaign funds according to Kah,  were given to him by Friends of Senator B.O.(see this World Net Daily article from 2008.)

Again, in defense of my stand for biblical principles, I am neither judging,  condemning, nor disrespecting the man in the highest office of our land. I am conveying facts. As a believer and one who knows the right thing to do, it is my duty to do it. Men of great courage are laying their reputations on the line to warn and inform the American people. I choose to stand with them.

See this video for free. “Genocide, Worse Than War.”  There are references to Odinga in the film. (see from 1:13 to 1:17)Don’t watch it before going to sleep. The images and facts are disturbing. The killing in Kenya was brutal beyond comprehension. The people who committed the heinous acts   were demonically driven. One participant said it was as if a “dark cloud” had come over him as he used a machete to kill without remorse.

Gary Kah with Sid Roth

Genocide Worse Than War”

Gary Kah on prophetic events

One response to “Gary Kah with Sid Roth on Odinga and Obama

  • Ben Jones

    The Odinga/Obama story is a myth, a lie.
    It has been de-bunked publicly but still Kah goes on preaching it.
    He must know it’s nonsense but why does he go on talking about it.
    He must be a fool or a liar, since nobody of any sense believes this nonsense,

    Have a look at Snopes (the myth-busters), search on “Odinga” and you’ll see how this nonsense was invented and by whom.

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