Protesters to be Arrrested and Charged with Felony

A bill, (HR 347) signed by the president last week will keep protesters away from elected officials. It will be a felony to be in the presence of a government official where the secret service are present and protest anything.  American citizen will have no freedom to refute, or display disagreement with said officials and not be taken to jail. The protester may spend up to a year in jail for the felony. Free speech anyone?

I recommend viewing the “Are You Ready?” DVD set by Paul McGuire. There is a reason to be ready.

2 responses to “Protesters to be Arrrested and Charged with Felony

  • Curtis A. Chamberlain

    Amazing. As we see the further erosion of our civil liberties taking place at a most rapid rate, why are more not alarmed? This is just another “missile” being fire at Christians in the government and media-sponsored war on Christianity. I think we need to wake up, and be prepared for what’s coming—and it is coming soon!

  • Curtis A. Chamberlain

    Be sure to tune in online to on May 2nd, to hear my full-length interview about my book, “The Judas Epidemic!” Hope yu enjoy it! Blessings!

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