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“The Judas Epidemic,” a must read

The Judas Epidemic is a must read. 

It is an expose’ of wrong doctrine and questionable personalities infiltrating the Christian church.  Curtis Chamblerlain has compiled important information every believer needs to know about the changes in their churches, where the changes are originating, and the personalities involved.

The author gives biblical principles that refute new ideas creeping into the church; from Brian McLaren, Rick Warren and others in their camp. He explains the Theosophy Movement, an important and valid part of his thesis. The book strings a thought tapestry from the Emergent Movement to the United Nations. Chamberlain also goes to tried and true experts, including Spurgeon to make his arguments. I’ve read many articles and books on the subjects the author has nicely condensed into it’s under 200 pages. This book is under $4 on nook, as an ebook, kindle etc.; it is worth every penny.


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