Evidence That Defies Argument

Before you judge me, thinking I am judgmental-discernment is not judgement. We are told to test the spirits to see if they are from God. We are also called to expose false teaching. Getting the disclaimer out of the way… Yale University has a page entitled, “Yale Center for Faith and Culture.” On the page is a document signed by hundreds of religious leaders, whose goal  it is to become lovers of one God with their Muslim neighbors.

In the document are several references to Christians, particularly Christians who are described as guilty for the poor treatment of Muslims in the name of Christ from the past. Included are blatant un-biblical statements approved and signed on the dotted line by none other than, America’s pastor Rick Warren. His fellow signers include Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church in Chicago, Robert Schuller, and Brian McLaren among over 100 others who wish to Muslimize Christianity and go along to get along.

…we want to begin by acknowledging that in the past (e.g. in the Crusades) and in the present (e.g. in excesses of the “war on terror”) many Christians have been guilty of sinning against our Muslim neighbors. Before we “shake your hand” in responding to your letter, we ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One and of the Muslim community around the world. ~A Christian Response to a Common Word Between Us and You

All Merciful One? Isn’t that the Muslim god?  Suspicious at best.

Talk about confusion and apostasy. From the section titled, “Love of God…”:

We find it equally heartening that the God whom we should love above all things is described as being Love. In the Muslim tradition, God, “the Lord of the worlds,” is “The Infinitely Good and All-Merciful.” And the New Testament states clearly that “God is love” (1 John 4:8). Since God’s goodness is infinite and not bound by anything, God “makes his sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous,” according to the words of Jesus Christ recorded in the Gospel (Matthew 5:45). 

Is this the new “Christlam,” Warren recently denied? Read the document for yourself. 

No battle was ever won by a coward. We are in a battle for truth. Millions will go to their death thinking they are believers when they have been deceived royally by a soupy, soft, message about Jesus being their friend, never hearing that God is their judge, with the power to crush them should He desire. Jesus is only a friend after repentance. People need the whole story.

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