Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

A Real Gospel Message by Paul Washer

Paul Washer of “I’ll be honest.com.”  has given the most beautiful and heartening messages of the gospel of Yeshua Ha Meshiach (Jesus the Messiah) I have ever heard. As you worship this Resurrection Sunday, think on the things described in this message. Compare your own reflections of redemption to some of his points. Be blessed.

(As a side note… if you do not have a laptop computer I recommend saving up for one. I listen to these kinds of sermons while I am doing dishes, “putting my face on,” and going through my daily tasks. I can get a lot done and be blessed by great messages like this all day. I hope you will too. Many/most stores sell computers on a payment plan if that works better for you.

I encourage you to do this because as a “woman getting out of the kitchen and into the culture” you can avail yourself to things via the internet you would not know about otherwise. Besides that, you can still work in the kitchen if you need to… )

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