Government Waste Goes to Waist

For the unemployed in Detroit, getting gussied up for a job interview must have included diamond stud earrings and gold chains, or did it?

A recent article by the Detroit News reports that $11 million, yes… million dollars were granted to the Department of Human Services to adorn (cloth) would be workers for job interviews. The sad part of the story is that the $11 million only clothed 2 of the unemployed for job interviews in that city. One wonders if they shopped at Wal-Mart.

To receive clothing, residents were required to have a job interview scheduled. According to the audit, the DHS was supposed to help 400 people between October 2010 and September 2011 but instead served only two.~Darren A. Nichols Detroit News.

The slip up was the outcome of a recent audit by the city’s general auditor. There are some who believe the jobless in Detroit deserve our money.

“It’s just another example that money is not as much of an issue than managing the money, whether it’s grant or general fund dollars that we have,” said Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown. “We have to find a better way to manage the resources and give Detroiters the value for the tax dollars they deserve.” ~Darren A. Nichols Detroit News.




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