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Georgetown Coed Tells Sad Story so YOU Will Pay for Contraceptives

(Fyi: If you were able to see the ORIGINAL video on CNS News, you would know that the current video has been altered. Albeit pressure from the administration? Wow. The young woman in the video felt strongly enough to allow herself be photographed defending people sleeping around at Georgetown but can’t take the social heat for putting her story out there however crude and unconvincing. Now she is receiving flack for her lame argument that  you and me should provide her with sexual accessories.)
  The debate over Obamacare contraceptives get’s more ridiculous everyday. We are in a battle for values that sustain a country and a society. This you’ve got to see.
“In the latest documentary video released by CNSNews.com you will witness an amazing spectacle that will shock and stun you! Forget everything you may have seen and heard in the mainstream media. This film dares to show that contraceptives can actually be purchased near Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.” CNS News

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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