Doctors Firing Patients Who Refuse Vaccines

The issue of vaccines at every corner has caused some who are health conscious and aware to pause at the many and prolific opportunities now springing up for Americans to receive shots; either for flu, shingles, whooping cough, or mandatory injections of Gardasil for our preteens. I know my local pharmacy is bent on sticking me with something. There are not only signs every where, in and out of the store- but also stickers on the store displays, even in the non-pharmacy items aisles; next to teddy bears, greeting cards and even Dr. Scholls foot care displays!

Why? Are we a truly sick society? What are the alternatives? Was there ever a flu pandemic as was threatened by government officials all over the world a couple of years ago? Didn’t it turn out to be a farce? Americans are being injected with a myriad of pharmaceuticals which we can now receive (for our own good?) at every Wal-Mart, pharmacy, vitamin stores and any health related place of business. Buyer beware.

In the following article parents are being forced to medicate (via vaccine) their children or not  be treated by their physicians. Oh, we say, our doctor is not like that… wait. When Obamacare hits the streets will we and our loved ones  be wards of the state? Will we still make our own health choices?  Uniquely and out of character- the government will be concerned with how much money it spends on us and our family’s health.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to send these needle happy doctors to the border with a syringe full of “whatever” to keep the American people from being exposed to diseases not addressed in other countries? Oh, that’s right…they get free health care here anyway.

After you peruse the article below, check the link I have provided here on vaccines. CLICK HERE. Read a few. Who cares more for a child, we parents or our government?

Doctors Now Firing Patients Who Reject Vaccinations.

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