Genocide Chart- Countries Who Suffered After Guns Were Removed

The following is a chart compiled by Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. (scroll down page past 1/2 way to see the chart on the site) It was created in 2002- but the facts still stand. All of the nations whose gun rights were curtailed completely or limited have suffered horrible genocides from their governments.

The chart is hard to read, if you click on their webpage, you will be able to see it in detail. Women; believing women, can support  gun rights in America. Our grandchildren may be required to follow direction at the end of a barrel if we do not speak out now.

Please visit Gun Owners of America for a wealth of information. Add your name to their newsletter list and watch as daily the powers that be seek to destroy your right to defend your person and property by eroding our second amendment rights.

In “Communist Gun Control” by Dave Kopel, you will find the Afghans are the most well trained and well armed in the world. Speed read to the end if you don’t have time to read it all.

I think if you double click the chart you can enlarge it. If not, use your zoom or go directly to the website listed in the first sentence of the chart.


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