U.S. Backs Gay Rights Abroad, Obama and Clinton Say – NYTimes.com

The president is urging gay rights abroad- with the help of Hilary Clinton; once again on your tax dollars, IE; foreign aid if necessary. The New York Times (NYT) reports that Clinton has the mandate to encourage non-discrimination abroad for homosexual and transgender persons. From the NYT:

“I am deeply concerned by the violence and discrimination targeting L.G.B.T. persons around the world,” Mr. Obama said in the memorandum, referring to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people,  “whether it is passing laws that criminalize L.G.B.T. status, beating citizens simply for joining peaceful L.G.B.T. pride celebrations, or killing men, women and children  for their perceived sexual orientation.” ~ Steven Lee Myers and Helene Cooper; New York Times


U.S. Backs Gay Rights Abroad, Obama and Clinton Say – NYTimes.com.

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