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Take a Tour of the Georgia Guidestones

From American Free Press, see the Georgia Guidestones.. the 10 commandments to genocide planted on American soil. No one will take credit for their existence, but still they sit. After you see this, search;  “Earth Charter” on this website and find more about population control and world government.

American Free Press Channel – YouTube: 3rd political party forming.

American Free Press. net has an interesting You Tube on a 3rd political party, working against both Democrats and Republicans for the 2012 elections. Powerful people seem to be behind this party.

afpsupporter’s Channel – YouTube.

Jonathan Tobin: UNESCO Vote Puts Obama to the Test

Jonathan Tobin: UNESCO Vote Puts Obama to the Test.

Your phone, Your money and the Coming Elections

So much goes on behind the scenes of network and cable news, I thought you might be stirred by a taste of some information you don’t nomally hear, at least not in the media.

California: Your cell phone can now be searched at a routine traffic stop.

Give to Starbucks new venture and you are paying the banks.

Starbucks has gone on a charm offensive with the launch of its ‘Let’s Create Jobs For USA’ initiative, which will encourage people to donate $5 dollars every time they buy a coffee towards a fund aimed at helping poor people get loans.

However, the group running the scheme is funded by the very same big banks who received trillions in bailout funds that are still deliberately withholding loans from struggling Americans in order to make money off the interest on deposits held with the Federal Reserve. ~Paul Joseph Watson Info

With Jerome Corsi Ph.D.- This is a two part video: Obama could stop the 2011-2012 election. 

Contaminated Gardasil and Door to Door Vaccinations for Whooping Cough

A young woman who had recieved a Gardasil vaccination 2 years ago has now been found to have HPV DNA in her system.  SANE Vax Inc. contracted an independent lab to test the vaccine from different countries around the world and found the same contamination in each of the samples of the product produced by Merck.

SANE Vax Inc.’s Position

SANE Vax Inc. believes the FDA and Merck should be transparent and tell medical consumers the potential health impacts the contaminant HPV DNA has brought upon the vaccinated children of the world. High rates of autoimmune disorders, 380 reports of abnormal pap tests, 137 reports of cervical dysplasia, and 41 reports of cervical cancer including Carcinoma in situ or Cervix carcinoma or Cervix carcinoma stage 0 or Cervix carcinoma stage I or Cervix carcinoma stage III 6 warrants an immediate investigation into Gardasil’s™ safety and efficacy. 

~By Leslie Carol Botha
SANE Vax Inc

The following You Tube looks like it might go “viral” with over 21,000 views in just 5 days. (Send it to those you care about). It is about govt. agents going door to door in a community in Natomas California, forcing parents to allow homeschool children and those who have not received it- the Tdap vaccination, (whooping cough). Not only this but they are acquiring information that will be kept for future invasive visits or for unforeseen reasons in the future.

(Sorry for the use of a thoughtless expletive in the title. Not everyone responds to the world the way a believer might under the circumstances. I cannot change the title on a You Tube.)

Door to Door Vaccinations: Mom to Nurse, ‘Get The F☠ck Out!’ – YouTube.

And another short video

This is an older video which will take about an hour. It is subtitled. Most things we learn come with a certain amount of effort. Please take the time and make the effort to better understand the world of vaccines. It was created to address the additives used in the swine flu vaccine, and subsequent contamination.

It comes in 6 parts via You Tube. Advance to each part or revisit the video at your convenience.

Local Churches Meeting: Jacob Prasch- The Purpose Driven Lie

Speaking to a Catholic woman this week I was apprised of the fact that her church is embracing the local Jewish Temple down the street by the two visiting one anothers place of worship. On the surface this activity may appear to be a neighborly kindness, but in reality I suspect both have been influenced by the new church growth/emergent church/one-world religion movement birthed by Tony Blair and the torch bearing Rick Warren and others who are desperately working to change the landscape of the church around the world. (Also see Yale Social Transformation Conference)

This is an excellent example of ecumenical-ism. All churches are not the same. The common denominator is not about believing in God. The gospel of Yeshua Ha Meshiach is clear. “No one comes to the Father except by me.” What can be imagined will eventually happen to these two congregations should the ecumenicals have their way?

They will be a very large group of people being led astray with unbiblical teaching leading to a new “gospel” or religion to accommodate both. This is Hegelian Dialectic. Thesis (their individual beliefs) combined with the Antithesis (discussing one anothers ideas then (embracing one anothers ideas; creating a new way of getting along),  and the result: Synthesis. This is the end result of laying aside biblical doctrines to get along with other religions and beliefs. It is exactly where the aforementioned leaders are driving masses of church goers, and Christian pastors around the world.

Am I being too harsh, judgmental? So be it. The bible clearly encourages us to identify false doctrines and wolves among the sheep. Jacob Prasch does not mince words about such people. Take a listen. This is a concise slice of Prasch that will challenge your desire to be ecumenical.

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