A “New” Dark Age – In Politics and in the Church

If you haven’t yet discovered Lighthouse Trails Research website, you could be missing very important information regarding changes taking place in your place of worship that in the least make you uneasy, and at best are not biblical at all. What you are witnessing is an agenda, not God’s design for the church.

This is planned “transformation,” a word that is used in many spheres to break through the hearts and minds of people who believe their bibles, love the Constitution and desire a true republic. One-world government and one-world religion is at our heals. (One -world currency is almost here also)

There is only one King who will rule the world, Yeshua Ha Meshiach. He will not be rivaled. Neither will He allow His church to be counterfeited. Believer, beware.

Another Dark Age for the Church.  ~Mike Oppenheimer

From the Lighthouse BlogA “New” Dark Age – In Politics and in the Church.

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