Ellen DeGeneres Stands in Her Truth – Video – OWN TV

Oprah Winfrey has begun her “Life Class” television series on her OWN network. Just yesterday she asked her viewers to explore the “lies” in their lives, using Ellen DeGeneres lesbian “coming-out” experience as her example.

The online viewers who signed in to her life class numbered almost 25,000.  This is not including those who watched the show live.

How is it that Winfrey who says she is a Christian, but embraces the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and others; can amass such an audience of women? What are they looking for? Who will tell them the truth? The real truth. 

How many of them are Christians who do not know their bibles well enough to identify false teaching? It is  grievous that women all over the country will flock to their television sets, and register online to hear unbiblical philosophies and  follow false teaching.

I asked for  prayer recently  for a mere 70 women to commit to Pink Apron Regiment to help share the burden God has given me. (See Numbers 11:16-17) For just two hours once a month my sisters in Yeshua Ha Meshiach must gather to become “believing women getting out of the kitchen and into the culture.”

We must take this opportunity to learn to influence friends, neighbors and others with truth.  Not the gospel only, but truth.  Jesus said, “I am the Way, The Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father but by Me.”

Please read the following link. It is a comprehensive look at what Oprah is  teaching.  Consider your neighbors, friends and what you are investing in.

An Incredible Danger

There is no doubt that Oprah Winfrey is the world’s most popular and powerful woman. And there is also no doubt that she is the most dangerous.

I make that assertion without hesitation because she has emerged as a New Age High Priestess who is deceiving millions into rejecting God’s Word and embracing, instead, a convoluted theology that is straight from the pit of Hell.

~David Reagan Lamb and Lion Ministries.  See The New Age Church

And further in the must read article:

On another program featuring a panel of New Age gurus, Oprah said, “…one of the biggest mistakes humans make is to believe that there is only one way. Actually there are many diverse paths leading to what you call God.” When one of her audience members disagreed, testifying that she believed Jesus is the only way to God, Oprah lost her temper and shouted, “There couldn’t possibly be only one way!” She added that she felt like God cares more about our hearts than He does about what we believe about Jesus.13

~David Reagan Lamb and Lion Ministries. See The New Age Church

See the excerpt from the recent broadcast here:

Ellen DeGeneres Stands in Her Truth – Video – OWN TV.

Meet us:  October 21, 9:30 am at Beth Ariel Congregation, 22222 Saticoy Street, Canoga Park, CA. 91304.  See the Meeting Info page for more information.

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