Your phone, Your money and the Coming Elections

So much goes on behind the scenes of network and cable news, I thought you might be stirred by a taste of some information you don’t nomally hear, at least not in the media.

California: Your cell phone can now be searched at a routine traffic stop.

Give to Starbucks new venture and you are paying the banks.

Starbucks has gone on a charm offensive with the launch of its ‘Let’s Create Jobs For USA’ initiative, which will encourage people to donate $5 dollars every time they buy a coffee towards a fund aimed at helping poor people get loans.

However, the group running the scheme is funded by the very same big banks who received trillions in bailout funds that are still deliberately withholding loans from struggling Americans in order to make money off the interest on deposits held with the Federal Reserve. ~Paul Joseph Watson Info

With Jerome Corsi Ph.D.- This is a two part video: Obama could stop the 2011-2012 election. 

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