Local Churches Meeting: Jacob Prasch- The Purpose Driven Lie

Speaking to a Catholic woman this week I was apprised of the fact that her church is embracing the local Jewish Temple down the street by the two visiting one anothers place of worship. On the surface this activity may appear to be a neighborly kindness, but in reality I suspect both have been influenced by the new church growth/emergent church/one-world religion movement birthed by Tony Blair and the torch bearing Rick Warren and others who are desperately working to change the landscape of the church around the world. (Also see Yale Social Transformation Conference)

This is an excellent example of ecumenical-ism. All churches are not the same. The common denominator is not about believing in God. The gospel of Yeshua Ha Meshiach is clear. “No one comes to the Father except by me.” What can be imagined will eventually happen to these two congregations should the ecumenicals have their way?

They will be a very large group of people being led astray with unbiblical teaching leading to a new “gospel” or religion to accommodate both. This is Hegelian Dialectic. Thesis (their individual beliefs) combined with the Antithesis (discussing one anothers ideas then (embracing one anothers ideas; creating a new way of getting along),  and the result: Synthesis. This is the end result of laying aside biblical doctrines to get along with other religions and beliefs. It is exactly where the aforementioned leaders are driving masses of church goers, and Christian pastors around the world.

Am I being too harsh, judgmental? So be it. The bible clearly encourages us to identify false doctrines and wolves among the sheep. Jacob Prasch does not mince words about such people. Take a listen. This is a concise slice of Prasch that will challenge your desire to be ecumenical.

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