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Parenting Tips Linked By Federal Site Describe Children As ‘Sexual Beings’

Parenting Tips Linked By Federal Site Describe Children As ‘Sexual Beings’ | FoxNews.com.

Al Gore out of hiding; blah, blah, blah.. again!

Al Gore seems to be beating his drum again about climate change (old phrase “global warming”). He has come up with a new gimmick- campaign to “win the conversation.” Below see a 3 minute You Tube where he debates the idea that if you do not believe in the effects of global warming, you could be equated with a racist, and yet in the poorest of countries it is the black population who are starving due to the promotion of bio-fuels.

Gore was an enthusiastic supporter of biofuel projects even as it became clear they were exacerbating the starvation of millions of predominantly black people in the third world, and yet he has the temerity to label critics of such practices as “racist”. Part of Gore’s $638 million Generation Investment Management funding was ploughed into the production of biofuels, before Gore himself was forced to admit he was wrong to push biofuels years later, after they had helped kill millions of poor black people. ~Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com

This is an example of Hegelian Dialectic; “changing the conversation to “win” the conversation.” Simply put, the idea is to make one feel bad on some level for standing on principle, (God never runs out of resources to sustain man) so much so that one is defeated emotionally  because no one else values your opinion or standard- therefore to be accepted, you acquiesce to the new idea.  See Pink Apron Regiment You Tube on Hegelian Dialectic below.

You may hear this new argument amongst sheeple who follow any liberal agenda that edges God out of the picture. Please remember, God hasn’t run out of anything and never will.

This 15 minute You Tube will help explain what is going on in churches and socially around the world to get you to give up your standards and biblical principles for a counterfeit.

Maps Du Jour: Food Inflation Riots and The Libyan Politics- Econo Matters

This is an interesting map illustrating civil unrest, food riots and political upheaval in the world. There is some indication that it is beginning to move into Europe, China and India.

EconMatters  Maps Du Jour: Food Inflation Riots and The Libyan Politics.

See map in larger view here. If you enlarge the map and click on the symbol in Google, a pop-up box will appear with specific information regarding the reason for the use of that symbol in that geographic area.

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