From the Lighthouse Newsletter – August 23, 2011

Don’t miss these articles about the Vineyard movement and Calvary Chapels. Also read a response to a recent article written by John MacArthur on the Grace to You website. His impressions are that the emergent church movement has fizzled out. (Second story in newsletter.)

Not so say the writer’s of Lighthouse Trails Research, (a website dedicated to exposing emergent and contemplative spirituality and it’s damaging affects on the true church). They quote emergent church expert Roger Oakland from his book “Faith Undone,” which I have read and recommend if you care at all about the body of Christ and it’s dedication to the word of God.

The “Leadership Network” (described in detail in Oakland’s book) began a distortion of God plan for a biblically organized church and many have not come back from that abyss. In fact, they are still dragging unsuspecting new believers and the those who are unschooled in biblical principles down into their pit of false teaching.

Please, if nothing else, read the first and last sentence of each paragraph to get the gist of the articles. We are in an information glut in our world- but this will give you courage and understanding if you will avail yourself to this information. It will enlighten just about every area of question about why it seems the body of Christ is disintegrating into so many new ideaologies.

From the Lighthouse Newsletter – August 23, 2011.

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