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Will everyone be suspect?

If you feel you are safe if you “do nothing wrong” you could be wrong.

Is the following video created by Homeland Security just for nere-do- wells? Why are we being inundated with new kinds of security measures long after 9/11 and without any incidents in the United States? Who are we watching for and why?

Could it be that as previously identified, veterans, patriots and Christians wills soon be target?  (see MIAC report; Strategic-Implications-of-American-Millennialism (see page 37 in particular and following pages) we learn that being conservative, against abortion, Christian, anti-homosexual in principle, and constitutional among other like distinguishing factors, sets one up to be considered a threat.)

Doesn’t it seem just a little creepy?

See War on Terror ~Prison Planet.com

In light of the following unnerving video from Moriel Ministries website, just who should DHS be looking for? Should we call to report every middle eastern person/ Muslim we see as suspect  or will they be calling to report us?

Whose criteria should we use? What determines a threat? It appears DHS is bearing down on citizens to do their bidding. Reminds me of Nazi Germany. How is it different?

WARNING, THIS IS A VERY DISTURBING VIDEO. A two year old  girl and her Christian family have been safely removed from Pakistan.  She was allegedly raped by a radical for the family not converting to Islam.

Link to You Tube video here.

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