Massive protests in Israel for “Social Justice” –

It seems the Israeli’s are not immune from the “social justice” agitators who clearly are increasing the pressure in cities all over the world to get something for nothing and demand what they do not earn, because they feel they deserve it. The ultimate covert goal; government control.

Social justice is nothing more than Marxism/ Socialism.  Read, “Faith Undone” by Roger Oakland. (A biblical perspective on change agents in the church.)

Change agents of the same ilk are slinking their way through churches and disgruntled groups in America, for what else; “social justice.” Of course it is usually under the guise of caring for one’s neighbor. Biblical believers do not need worldly philosophy or governmental encouragement / participation to fulfill the word of God. Remember this. God hasn’t “run out” of anything.

The words do not mean what the average kind-hearted citizen/believer would assume they mean. The ultimate goal of this kind of change is total control. As Paul McGuire explains, like bait on a fish hook; the social justice is the bait, the end result is “total control.”

Social Justice:
The “Social Justice Movement” endorses socialism as a means of redressing the alleged evils of capitalism and producing a programmatic equality that it acknowledges will be purchased at the price of individual liberty and require the manufacture of what totalitarian governments have called “the New Man.” ~Discovering the

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“Marching under the slogan, “the people ask for social justice,” students, young families and older Israelis protested in several major cities across Israel Saturday night, the largest in Tel Aviv. One protester in told CNN that he believes after Saturday night’s protest the government “will have to take us seriously.”

via Netanyahu: Israel creating new financial team after massive protests –”

Interesting to note the CNN reference to “students, young families and the older Israeli’s.”  There is a campaign to paint the groups who demand “social justice” as the everyman. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The idea is radical as are it’s proponents. Please do your homework.

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