Israel, Islam and the Future of North America

“Israel, Islam and the Future of North America” is this years  title of the annual prophecy conference held at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. “Hope for Today,” a ministry of Dr. David Hocking is hosting the event. Dr. David Reagan, (see “Is Oprah Winfrey a Christian” below) as well as the most respected Ed Hindson, former press secretary William Koenig and others. (See a pdf of the brochure below.)

If you live in Southern California and can travel to Chino Hills you will be able to avail yourself to some outstanding bible prophecy teaching for a whole weekend, free of charge, August 5-7.

The bible tells us that there is a blessing to the reader of the book of Revelation, so you can imagine what blessing is in store for you during that weekend if you are able to attend. Of course the speakers will have books and DVDs available for purchase.

Consider gathering a few friends and carpooling. If finances are an issue; pack a lunch/dinner. The church is very accommodating with a great patio area for conversation or having lunch. In the past they have provided vendor drinks and some food, but don’t count on it.

There is no cost for attending. Love offerings are taken throughout the event. No registration is necessary, so if you cannot make it for the full conference, perhaps getting there for the Saturday speakers will meet your schedule. Whatever you do, get there early to find a seat because the sanctuary fills fast.

Chino Hills is about an hour from the valley via the 210 freeway.

Conference Brochure

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