TSA Requires Diaper Removal of Woman- 95 with Cancer

Does a government agency have the right to take away one’s dignity in the name of security? Freedom loving people might want to ask themselves that question after reading the article below.

Hitler dehumanized individuals by first removing their clothing. He treated them with contempt and subjected them to shame. Does that ring a bell with  Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pat-downs? I don’t remember being given a choice to vote on such a drastic agency, policy or action, do you? If you have not experienced a pat-down search see Miss America Pat Down on this site for details.

If you are uninformed regarding how many times citizens and their children have been violated by the TSA, please stop reading novels or watching old movies… time to pay attention.

There is an old adage about sheep and where they are being led… are we becoming sheeple? The following article is heart-breaking. Perhaps tomorrow it will be someone you know.

TSA Stand by Officers- CNN

TSA denies ordering cancer patient to shed diaper – Globe-trotting – The Boston Globe.

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