Abortion Statistics for Israel

International Messianic Jewish Alliance

The newsletter below shares some shocking statistics about abortion in Israel. The genocide there includes over 50,000 babies torn from their mother’s womb each year, according to the Executive Director of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance, Rabbi Joel Liberman.

Please consider supporting the California Civil Rights Foundation. (CCRF) Rev. Walter Hoye II has devoted his life and made it his mission to combat the genocide of abortion at great cost to himself and his family. The question is… what is it costing the rest of us? Do we care?

Please take the time to view the previous posted full length film on genocide (or find it in the Must See Movies drop-down menu above) before you delete this information or pass over the statistics. As a believing women, this is also about you and me. It is about our influence around the world, and about our investment of our time and energies.

Some reading this post may have found themselves in similar situations, perhaps making a choice at a time in your life when legal as you understood it meant moral.  We have come to learn at Pink Apron Regiment that legal is not necessarily moral, and laws are often created by entities whose agenda is not to benefit the masses but to meet the agendas of a few elite. At great cost to the masses.

Find information about the CCRF at the bottom of the following newsletter. Subscriptions are available at the top of the form to receive the “Conflict of Interest” newsletter to your inbox.

If you don’t care; don’t subscribe to the newsletter. Too much junk mail? Maybe we need to get the ” junk” out of our lives and get involved with something eternal.

We have a responsibility to be salt and light in the world. Suffer for the sake of Christ or suffer for nothing; because nothing else matters.

Conflict Of Interest.

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