Bilderberg Group Meets in St. Moritz, Switzerland

For those who have been led to understand how money controls governments and countries, it will be no surprise for you to learn that the Bilderberg group met recently in St. Moritz Switzerland.

The gathering has been well documented by journalists who are working to expose the clandestine meetings between world elites, bankers and governments. Their agenda and ideas, coincide with biblical prophecy, ie; one-world government, economy and resulting one-world religion. It is no surprise that men are led to do what God in His sovereignty has allowed to help orchestrate or usher in what is His perfect will.

The following is from a column written by Prophecy expert and watchman on the wall, Paul McGuire, dated June 7, 2011. Please go to his website for the full story. There you will also be able to purchase his books on the dollar and bible prophecy.

An excerpt from the Paul website:
Many Christians in the U.S. and around the world have absolutely no idea what is going on globally and therefore cannot pray effectively. One of the primary purposes of our ministry is to provide intelligence so that God’s people can intercede strategically. No war can be fought without accurate intelligence and no spiritual war can be fought without intelligence. We must pray that the deep spiritual deception that has blinded the eyes of Christians is removed. For example, many American Christians still refuse to believe in the reality of global government and world currency. They believe the Bilderberg Group, if they have even heard of it, is a conspiracy theory. They have been brainwashed by the Corporate-controlled media and are not reading information like you are reading through our ministry. Ironically, while the U.S. media blacks out the Bilderberg meeting. A major Swiss newspaper gave the Bilderberg meeting front page coverage with an explanation about the Bilderberg agenda.

And this from Russia Today:

Though many perceive the web journalist, Alex Jones, to be extreme, his website provides a list of attendees to this years Bilderberg gathering. See for yourself the names and affiliations of those who attended. Google the groups name and find  information to confirm their vision.

Complete list of Attendees from Alex Jones Prison Planet website.

Also, see Gary Kah former Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist speak on world government plans, beginning in the 1980’s. Kah is a prophecy expert who now speaks to various groups around the country.  (Scroll 1/2 way down the page to the video box on his website. Click on his name above.) His video interview is an excellent explanation of what is going on in the church, economy and governments.

During the video Kah mentions friends of Senator OB. Click here to read a well documented bit of information. Atlas Shrugs

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