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Dancing for Freedom can get you Arrested

See the whole story here:

Police Swat Teams Called on Dancers

32 Signs Big Brother Technology is Growing

Texas schools are installing calorie counting cameras to keep tabs on childhood obesity. It is a 2 million dollar project granted by the Department of Agriculture. This and other Big Brother actions are taking place right under our noses.

Are we so selfish to let this go on, leaving nothing for our posterity to do but be enslaved to the government, become pawns and subjects of a tyrant and loose all of the freedom for which our friends, relatives and ancestors died? Are we so selfish as to turn our heads, and pretend like children that we can do nothing because we have no power?

We are called to be salt and light. We have been given our freedom by God. Will we allow that to be trampled by ungodly, unrighteous, tyrannical men? What are we willing to fight for? A parking place in the mall perhaps? Our right to be heard in a discussion? A car of our own choosing? I pray we have more character.

See the following article and let’s do our homework. These issues are not simple. We have become simple people in our efforts for truth. Many of us will not read a book or an article that requires analytical thinking. We wait to be told what it means. This includes how we study the bible. May God have mercy on us for our lackadaisical attitudes.

32 Signs that Big Brother Technology is Growing.

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