No “Conspiracy Theory”: Wikileaks Cable Confirms North American Union Agenda

The North American Union is being organized behind closed doors.  It has been happening for years. American citizens who have questioned the effort have been called “conspiracy theorists.

The latest:

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, June 3, 2011

A newly leaked U.S. diplomatic cable originally written over six years ago confirms that the agenda to merge the United States, Canada and Mexico into an integrated North American Union has been ongoing for years, debunking claims made consistently by the corporate media and establishment talking heads that the NAU is a baseless “conspiracy theory”.

The United States will loose it sovereignty and it’s ability to enforce it’s own laws.  We as American citizens are being ushered into a one-world government, without consultation, or a vote.

At least take a few minutes to watch the You Tube.

No “Conspiracy Theory”: Wikileaks Cable Confirms North American Union Agenda.

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