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A Simple Act to Encourage Constitution Week in Schools

Whether or not you are a “Tea Party” member you may want to be involved in what they are doing to ensure our children are getting information about the United States Constitution. The group is asking any concerned citizen, parent or grandparent to send a letter to their local school district asking for infomation regarding their plans for Constitution week, September 17-23, 2011.

They have developed a three point plan, the letter being the first step. They have also written the letter, all one need do is fill in the blanks, print, sign and send. Please forward this post to anyone in the public school system where you live.

We must preserve liberty for our children and grandchildren. They must learn and understand the principles on which our country was founded in order to preserve it from tyrants, socialism, communism and extremism of any sort.

They need to learn that God has given them rights covered by the Constitution and that they are to be responsible citizens, voting and being involved in how their communities and country operate.

This is the link:  Constitution Week There are other letters that are written with blanks that you can send in August and September.

Download the flyer for your church or bible study group.





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