The Goal Of The Pro-Life Movement

Reverend Walter Hoye II has put his life on the line for unborn children. He and his wife are traveling around the country in a bus to enlighten believers about the issue of abortion, not just for the black community but for all children.

Please pray for him. He is a man of courage who loves the Lord an is willing to go to any length to stop this hideous infanticide.

Last year, the Human Rights Amendment would have been on the California ballot had they been able to collect an addtional 65,000 signatures to add to the 600,000 they had procurred. Did you know about it?

See Reverend Hoye’s You Tube message on this site. Find it by typing his name in the search box.

The Goal Of The Pro-Life Movement.

Issues for Life Foundation (Please visit this excellent website)

Sign the Personhood Petition for California here.

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