Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War With No Borders And No Clear Enemies :

If Congress votes in the irresponsible, unconstitutional manner it has been, you and I can become enemies of the state by the stroke of a pen. Legislation is now on the table to allow the president to declare perpetual war on whomever he wishes.

From the American Civil Liberties Union

But Congress is considering monumental new legislation that would grant the president – and all presidents after him – sweeping new power to make war almost anywhere and everywhere. Unlike previous grants of authority for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the proposed legislation would allow a president to use military force wherever terrorism suspects are present in the world, regardless of whether there has been any harm to U.S. citizens, or any attack on the United States, or any imminent threat of an attack. The legislation is broad enough to permit a president to use military force within the United States and against American citizens. The legislation contains no expiration date, and no criteria to determine when a president’s authority to use military force would end.

If we connect the dots and add this information to other governmental reports like the MIAC report and the  Strategic-Implications-of-American-Millennialism (see page 37 in particular and following pages) we learn that being conservative, against abortion, Christian, anti-homosexual in principle, and constitutional among other like distinguishing factors, sets one up to be considered a threat.

Read the article below then contact your congressman/woman via email. Let them know that no man on this earth should be given such powers and that the Congress is there specifically for checks and balances on these issues. Going over the Congressional authority, the current legislation would offer  the president no accountability for decisions he deems useful to his purposes without the approval of Congress. He could in theory declare war on any group of American citizen groups he so wills.

Please find Chuck Baldwin’s’ video on this site on the “Worldviews” page above.

In a previous post we learned that the president, sometime next year, will be forcing you to accept his texts via a new chip to be installed in new phones next year. You will not have an option to shut down or block any text from him. You may block terror alerts and other governmental invasive messages, but you will not be able to resist any message he deems appropriate to send to you.

One day, perhaps you could receive a message that instructs “all conservative and Christians, and all who believe the bible” to report to local police stations, or to register with authorities or…? On Chuck Baldwin’s website there is a link to information about  “police stateactivity going on around the country. Check it out. I am not crying wolf, the wolf is in the garden already.

Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War With No Borders And No Clear Enemies :.

Find yourself identified in this document as a terror threat: DOJ Extremism and Terrorism  

Look in the back of the report which alphabetically lists groups and types of individuals, then find the page number.

From the ACLU website Authorization of Perpetual War

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