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Genocide or Infanticide. You Decide

The subject of abortion in America, particularly for believers, always brings up emotion. Often it is visceral. People get animated and know their point of view is right… without question. Whether or not you understand that life begins at conception, whether you have made a regrettable decision in the past, or if you have not been interested, or feel you have no time for one more issue- please read on.

As we are discovering from our research at Pink Apron Regiment, there are those who live without mercy on others, who have an agenda without compassion or principles. There are those who even today desire to annihilate people groups, and it is not always the Jews who are targeted.

About Issues4life Foundation
The Issues4life Foundation targets and works directly with African-American leaders nationwide to strengthen their stand against abortion and resolve the issues surrounding the moral responsibility of biotechnology in the African-American community. We understand that abortion will not stop until African-American’s stop having abortions. ~from the Issues for Life website.

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