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Go to Church on “Easter”- Get One of 150 Free Bikes!

If you know some poor suffering child who cannot live without a bike; perhaps if he worships on “Easter” Sunday he will receive one… that is, if he is one of the first 150 who will be given bikes if they show up to the Freedom Church in Chatsworth, California for services. (See the flier below) Qualification? Bring a parent.

Yeshua said we are all judged before the Father without His shed blood, but we are to be discerning. I ask you to discern whether or not this effort is one God has ever injected into His word regarding how He calls one to receive forgiveness from sin and iniquity.

I know after I understood my sin, I was not looking for a bike, a TV or ?… I was moved by the holiness of God and my heart was filled with gratitude for what He did, not what I might get out of it. It was bittersweet and I felt broken yet hopeful. Nothing in this passing world would have been a comparable gift against the eternal life and living water that had just entered my life.

Had I received a gift for hearing the gospel I would think  it rather cheap grace.. why  not something more for my time? What next, a flat screen TV? Where do the carnal incentives end for a spiritual decision? Then the question… is it a real decision?

Where did  all of those bikes originate?  Were they given gratis from a corporation, or business? Would the community be better served to have them sold on eBay or somewhere else to feed or meet the needs of the poor in the neighborhood? Perhaps to do more laundry.

In this writers opinion, this is not outreach, this is bribery. This is veiled coercion. How many  parents will be dragged to the dojang/pub church looking for what they can get? They will not be looking for the gospel unless the Lord Himself is calling. NO man is seeking God, not one, without the prompting of the spirit. It doesn’t take a bike when the spirit moves, He moves like the wind and waits for a response.

God is not a God of control but choice. Let us choose this day who we will serve. Let the decision be real from a broken and contrite heart.

By the way- the free bike is for showing up… not for receiving the Son of God as Savior and Lord. Please pray for the sincere, that they would see the holiness of God and for those who want nothing to do with the true Messiah, but would rather have/give a bike for an audience.

(“Easter,” you find in parenthesis because it is a pagan holiday, appearing in the King James Version of scripture during his reign. Better, Resurrection Sunday. See Pagan Origin of Easter.)

May God bless and teach the ignorant His ways.

What did you do on April 15?

If you have three minutes, take a look at what our U.S. Secretary of the Treasury was doing on April 15. Those of you who have been studying with us at our Pink Apron Regiment meetings will understand how disturbing it is that so much time was spent with foreign leaders. Who is overseeing the American Treasury?

Timothy Geithner’s Schedule April 15, 2010.

As a reminder: the G20 and International Monetary Fund are working toward a one world economy, (government and religion are next.)

The government considers your personal assets, your business and corporate assets part of the U.S. assets. See  U.S. Debt  (the note appears at the top of the chart and changes as you place your cursor on each individual box. Place your cursor on National Assets… lower right to see the note at the top change. ~This note is attributed to the Federal Reserve, which we know is not federal.) Did you know your belongings are considered by the U.S. government to be part of the national assets? How is it that the U.S Debt is linked to the Federal Reserve, a private organization, tied to a national economy. Better take a look at “The Obama Deception” below for new understanding on this issue.

The Obama Deception

At the risk of being assumed to be a kook, I upload this You Tube link with reserve. Though the title of the movie includes our revered president’s name, it is not particularly just about a president. It is about the world economy, and the New World Order. It is also not about a particular political party. It portrays the current administration as more of a “Manchurian Candidate.”

This is not a new movie, but perhaps it has not been available to you. It is uploaded in it’s entirety on You Tube and has been seen by over 8 million people. Presented in 2009, it shows what has happened to the economy and how the Oligarchs have been taking it over piece by piece. Daniel Estulin also seen in “Shadow Government” is an investigative journalist who has been following the Bilderberg Group for years,  also appears in this film. Interestingly, you will be able to evaluate whether or not the movie is credible a couple of years after it was released. Let history tell the truth.

From wikidictionary:

Oligarchy: a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.
Click here:
 Wikipedia on Bilderberg group

If you are new to Pink Apron Regiment, these ideas will seem extreme. Please continue in your curiosity to examine what is true. Take what you like and leave the rest. I preface the film because it seems to start out like a bad spy movie, but as it progresses, the more sense it makes and the less outlandish it becomes.

From Wikipedia, where you can find background on the movie”:

The Obama Deception- The Mask Comes Off

This movie is about 2 hours long.

And this from April 16, Russian Today click here:

Obama’s Broken Promises

Who is becoming the “new” parent?

A Detroit Michigan,  home schooling mom was forced at gunpoint to release her daughter to authorities because she refused to administer medication to the child whose behavior worsened after receiving it.

The following video shows the mother being released from jail after she was accused of shooting at the Special Response Team (much like a SWAT team) in Detroit during a standoff, when they surrounded her home, in an attempt to force her to release her child into their custody because she was not giving the drug to her child. Do these circumstances require armed men with tanks in the street in front of her house? You be the judge.

There are extenuating circumstances to this situation, but the bottom line is that the woman’s right to be a parent and make a decision based on her own assessment of the child’s well-being was being superceded by outside authorities.

From the Detroit News:

“We believe she had an adverse reaction to her immunizations,” Penny Godboldo said.

“She began acting out of character, being irritated, having facial grimaces that have been associated with immunizations.”

Evans said Maryanne Godboldo sought help for her daughter from The Children’s Center, an organization that helps families with at-risk children, where a medical and mental health treatment plan was developed. Godboldo told relatives the medications ordered by the doctor worsened symptoms, including behavioral problems.

“It is an undiagnosed condition, but the doctor had given her psychotropic drugs that caused a bad reaction, made things worse,” said the girl’s father, Mubuarak Hakim. “Maryanne’s decision to wean her from that was making a difference, making her better, helping her to be a happy kid again.”

Your adolescent child (seventh through twelfth grade) will now be required a whooping cough immunization before entering school in September. This is the new California law. Will this make it mandatory for teachers to also recieve a dose of the medication? I  remember recent commercials scaring young mothers to get the vaccinations to avoid giving it to their babies.

More vaccines, more immunizations… read the flu shot entry on this blog and do your own investigation. I wonder if the teachers union will comply or reject any immunizations on their part. What is to stop the authorities from making parental immunizations mandatory? If the advertised recommendation would be to mothers of babies who do not have the cough… and they are requiring it of adolescents, maybe tomorrow they will require it of you.

Detroit Mom in Standoff

Police use  Assault Weapons and Tank against Home School Mom

Parents Reminded of Whooping Cough Law

Why Vaccinations Harm Children

UN document would give ‘Mother Earth’ same rights as humans

April 22 will be celebrated by members of the United Nations  (UN ) community as the Second International “Mother Earth Day.” To commemorate the event, Bolivia will be rallying interest in a new treaty honoring mother earth. Along with the debate during the New York meeting, author Maude Barlow, (a Canadian activist) will introduce a new book, “Nature Has Rights.”

Some of this could be taken tongue in cheek except for the fact that the UN is working overtime on one-world government issues with the Council on Foreign Relations and other entities that plan on taking your rights away and forcing you into an amalgamation of  religion… and it isn’t Christianity. More likely, Tony’s Blair Faith Foundation or something in that vein. Perhaps the Earth Charter Initiative.


UNITED NATIONS — Bolivia will this month table a draft United Nations treaty giving “Mother Earth” the same rights as humans — having just passed a domestic law that does the same for bugs, trees and all other natural things in the South American country.

Read the whole article here.

UN document would give ‘Mother Earth’ same rights as humans.

The Earth Charter Initiative is a religious movement linked to the UN Agenda 21. The Charter is stored in the Ark of Hope; patterned after the biblical Ark of the Covenant.





Why is every corner drugstore offering cheap flu shots?

For those who have been attending Pink Apron Regiment meetings,  the idea that there is a group of elitists who are working toward a one-world government, with a much smaller population (500,000,000 according to the Georgia Guide Stones and other UN documentation), the next step in this agenda may not seem like such a leap.

How does such a group achieve the monumental task of population control? There are many theories regarding these ideas and like other thoughts presented here on this website, much homework must be done by the individual in order to gain understanding.

There are those who see a convergence of situations from wars, abortions, nuclear accidents, even government induced earthquakes via electromagnetic pulse activities that could cause great numbers of people to be “unintentional casualties.”  Then there are those like Sister Teresa Forcades, who bravely addresses the 2009 swine flu vaccine with skepticism, after the World Health Organization changed the definition of “pandemic.” (How the U.N. redefined Pandemic)

In the following You Tube message (which is subtitled) you will hear the Benedictine nun give her theory on what the swine flu vaccine was capable of doing to the population at large. There are several segments to the video, you will be able to see it in six parts- please give yourself about an hour or so and stay with it to be able to digest the information.

Then, consider your choices the next time you see a flu shot sign outside your local pharmacy or are offered one by your physician. Make an informed decision. After the You Tube video, read the testimony of a local woman who suffered consequences from the flu shot.. which miraculously God used to bring her to the Lord.

Oh and by the way… ever wonder what happened to all the extra swine flu vaccine the pharmaceutical companies got stuck with because there was no real pandemic? Medicine is money. Do you think they got rid of it?

Flu Vaccines and Neurological Problems

(part 6 is only in Spanish… but the other parts are subtitled.)

Click here: Miriam: “Near Death to New Life”

Click here: Woman Paralyzed After Flu Shot

From Walid Shoebat: “Is There a Connection?

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler in 1941 to exterminate the Jews. They had the same goal and worked together. He raised a division to fight along with the S.S.

The Hitlerian reign was drenched in occult activities. Hitler was an occultist himself. (See “High Level Spiritual Warfare- Paul McGuire.) He and this Islamic leader worked together to eradicate the Jews.

Check the link below for a portion of a documentary about the two. Nazis and Arab Muslims: Is There A Connection?.

Yale Social Transformation Conference

Students at Yale University have recently been audience to Tony Blair who helped to  usher in the Social Transformation Conference, being held April 1 and 2.

His message is that  “good people” cannot be seen as not going to heaven. His agenda is global faith, global government, tolerance. He calls it reconciliation. This is the Hegelian Dialectic in action. If we attempt to “understand”another’s faith, you and I are literally “standing under” their ideas and premise. We as believers need to know what others believe, but we need not have a dialogue about God’s absolutes so we all “get along.”

The getting along will always culminate in the Christian questioning God’s absolutes. It is the first mode of attack by those who do not wish to hear the truth. Things that God has established as absolutes need not be questioned. “Does the clay ask the potter why have you made me this way?”

God says in Isaiah 55: 8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.   “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways  and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

God has a plan. Without suffering, (including bad and ruthless governments) many people would never ask God to redeem them. It is harder for a rich man to get to heaven than it is for a camel to get through the eye of a needle. Alleviating suffering and hostility in the world will only drive mankind into a “tower of Babel” experience. Man will attempt to solve his own problems without God’s help or by assuming one is his own God because he thinks he is solving the problems through Humanism.

See Lighthouse Trails Research- on Rick Warren and Tony Blair (scroll 1/2 way down page for article)

Rick Warren’s name appears on Blair’s Religious Advisory Council:  About Us

Blair’s whole premise is on communication about one’s beliefs. But it isn’t really communication, it is amalgamation… blending. (You could call it “one-world religion”) If you remember our first Pink Apron Regiment meeting, we learned (and you may see on Tooaware’s You Tube Channel- “Deception and the Dialectic” a must see to understand what is happening in Christianity today) conversation about the absolute truth is demonic. God’s standards are absolute. The enemy started dialogue about the word of God in the garden with Eve.

Be alert. Your faith MUST be your own. We as believers must question eveything we hear, no matter who says it. We MUST know our bibles. We MUST be actively studying and praying. Tremendous changes are about to take place around the world for Christians and in America.

DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. Turn off the TV or whatever it is that causes distraction for you and investigate what you have read here. Let the links provided on this blog and those you find on the subsequent websites lead you to new understanding. Remember to engage in the High Level Spiritual Warfare we learned about at our last P.A.R.meeting.

Are you prepared to stand alone on the word of God, before your Christian friends, your pastor, your family and before God? You do NOT have to believe everything you hear. Do believe what God lays on your heart, and what the Spirit bears witness to from the whole counsel of God, not just topical information – and act on it. Topical studies can confuse, and eliminate powerful parts of scripture that will lead you astray. The bible tells us to study God’s word, “line upon line and precept upon precept” (Isaiah 28:10) for this very reason.  This is not to say we can never do a topical study, just beware… some are taught with an agenda.

“Suck it up girls!” This is not your mother’s world. We are facing either the greatest falling away known to the believing church or one of the greatest revivals. Which would you choose to experience?

Please see the Paul McGuire you tube in the previous post. Remember what he spoke of on the last DVD. All money is spiritual. Look what Yale is studying on this You Tube from their page Spiritual Capital Initiative.

These people are looking to create a humanistic “new-world order.” They will be meeting in June and have invited prominant people in religion to their gathering. This all stemming from Yale University.

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