“Don’t Talk to the Police” by Professor James Duane

The idea that one could be stopped, searched, and/ or questioned by the police is becoming more of a possibility as laws change and the Department of Homeland Security influences even your local police department. Police in Michigan are able to read everything on one’s cell phone and have done so with great resistance from the ACLU. (See “State Police Extract…” story below.)

See this video of Professor James Duane from Regent Law School in Virginia as he explains that even as an innocent one could be in danger of being misunderstood resulting in an errant arrest and worse. This is your legal right as an American citizen.

Courtesy and respect are a priority when addressing those who risk their lives for others, but as Professor Duane will show, we are all human and make mistakes in how we hear things and what we remember. Let your conscience by your guide.

See Chuck Baldwin Live: Police State lest you think this is crazy conspiracy talk.


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