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Russia Today Reports iphones can/will Track your Every Move

Recently, information from Computerworld indicated that any smart phone or android could be compromised by new programs downloaded from basic snooping Apps. The following story from Russia Today singles out iphones, and computers made by Apple.

iphone users may not care about being tracked today, because the convenience of their phones means too much to them. In the wrong hands,  daily activities could bring with them a burden to explain what one was  doing in a particular environment… (church, political rally, etc.) The iphone is now a virtual diary.

Currently, cell phones can track from towers. The new phones in the following article store information about you. For the right price, your private life can be shared/violated by just about any one. What will stop the phone company from unloading that information to whomever asks and is willing to pay for it?

One more piece of the puzzle comes together for those who have a sense that something bigger is on the horizon regarding privacy rights and one world-government. Perhaps the “Shadow Government” documentary is on target ; everywhere you go… you can/will be watched.

“Location based data, namely exact latitude and longitude coordinates  recorded with a time  stamp are kept on file. Anyone with access to the phone or computer, even remotely, could easily discover every movement being made by the user.”

~Russia Today

You be the judge.

Russia Today Iphones

See here a You Tube of the guys who discovered this information. It was not given to public by Apple, it was discovered. If you are a computer geek, this video may interest you.

WalidShoebat: End Times Today, Episode #1

See Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist,  and believer, in his first internet TV Episode. Shoebat speaks from a former Islamic background. He was raised as a Muslim and was redeemed through a challenge by His wife to study the bible.

Born in Bethlehem He interprets the bible using a middle eastern lens and relates it to believers as He sees that part of the world. Whether you agree with his version of end times events or not, his perspectives will give you pause. He is a man who loves the Lord and loves and supports Israel.

WalidShoebat.com: End Times Today, Episode #1.

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