What did you do on April 15?

If you have three minutes, take a look at what our U.S. Secretary of the Treasury was doing on April 15. Those of you who have been studying with us at our Pink Apron Regiment meetings will understand how disturbing it is that so much time was spent with foreign leaders. Who is overseeing the American Treasury?

Timothy Geithner’s Schedule April 15, 2010.

As a reminder: the G20 and International Monetary Fund are working toward a one world economy, (government and religion are next.)

The government considers your personal assets, your business and corporate assets part of the U.S. assets. See  U.S. Debt Clock.org  (the note appears at the top of the chart and changes as you place your cursor on each individual box. Place your cursor on National Assets… lower right to see the note at the top change. ~This note is attributed to the Federal Reserve, which we know is not federal.) Did you know your belongings are considered by the U.S. government to be part of the national assets? How is it that the U.S Debt is linked to the Federal Reserve, a private organization, tied to a national economy. Better take a look at “The Obama Deception” below for new understanding on this issue.

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