Why is every corner drugstore offering cheap flu shots?

For those who have been attending Pink Apron Regiment meetings,  the idea that there is a group of elitists who are working toward a one-world government, with a much smaller population (500,000,000 according to the Georgia Guide Stones and other UN documentation), the next step in this agenda may not seem like such a leap.

How does such a group achieve the monumental task of population control? There are many theories regarding these ideas and like other thoughts presented here on this website, much homework must be done by the individual in order to gain understanding.

There are those who see a convergence of situations from wars, abortions, nuclear accidents, even government induced earthquakes via electromagnetic pulse activities that could cause great numbers of people to be “unintentional casualties.”  Then there are those like Sister Teresa Forcades, who bravely addresses the 2009 swine flu vaccine with skepticism, after the World Health Organization changed the definition of “pandemic.” (How the U.N. redefined Pandemic)

In the following You Tube message (which is subtitled) you will hear the Benedictine nun give her theory on what the swine flu vaccine was capable of doing to the population at large. There are several segments to the video, you will be able to see it in six parts- please give yourself about an hour or so and stay with it to be able to digest the information.

Then, consider your choices the next time you see a flu shot sign outside your local pharmacy or are offered one by your physician. Make an informed decision. After the You Tube video, read the testimony of a local woman who suffered consequences from the flu shot.. which miraculously God used to bring her to the Lord.

Oh and by the way… ever wonder what happened to all the extra swine flu vaccine the pharmaceutical companies got stuck with because there was no real pandemic? Medicine is money. Do you think they got rid of it?

Flu Vaccines and Neurological Problems

(part 6 is only in Spanish… but the other parts are subtitled.)

Click here: Miriam: “Near Death to New Life”

Click here: Woman Paralyzed After Flu Shot

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