Radical Islam in local school- Fethullah Gulen’s Schools in the News

The  (Gulen Schools),   (see Act for America school list) charters here in the Valley are being administered by the Turkish radical Muslim organization of the same name. I ran across another, recent article that confirms just how much of a threat they seem to be to our school children; teaching radical Islam to help bring in the Muslim New World Order. Find the link on the “Great Deceptions” page of this blog.

U.S. officials are interested in these schools. If you have not read the above post, click on the link and just browse the list of schools. Some are in California and some are in our own backyard; as close as Reseda.  In fact, maybe someone you care about unknowingly is sending their child to one.

“The latest documents from Wikileaks shows growing concern among U. S. officials over Fethullah Gulen’s attempts to create a New Islamic World and the “braining washing of students” that takes place at his charter schools within the United States and throughout the Muslim world.”

~Canada Free Press

When I found the Reseda Magnolia Science Academy I, on the web, information about the staff and names of those with responsibility for students seemed conspicuously missing.

On the front page of the website there is a picture of Sheriff Lee Baca (Lee Baca questioned) who had attended a fund-raiser for Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), just before his last election. Many of us didn’t know about his links to CAIR.  Clueless Sheriff Defends Hamas. In May of last year, the Magnolia Academy I site touts Baca’s special message to the group of schools.

Incidentally, your county sheriff has the authority to resist the federal government on behalf of the people of the county should we so ask for his protection. Whose side do you think he might be persuaded to defend should such a situation develop?

“Consequently, the Sheriff’s pre-eminent legal authority is well established. This was confirmed in Printz v. United States. 7    Justice Scalia quotes James Madison who wrote in Federalist 39:

“In the latter, the local or municipal authorities form distinct and independent portions of the supremacy, no more subject, within their respective spheres, to the general authority, than the general authority is subject to them, within its own sphere.”9

Sheriff 1st legislation would formally declare that all federal agents and officers must give notice of, and seek permission before, any arrest, search, or seizure occurs. Thus, federal agents and officers seeking to enforce unconstitutional laws must go through the county Sheriff first.”

Rep. Matthew Shea (WA-4th)
Tenth Amendment Center
November 30, 2009

~Alex Jones InfoWars.com

One wonders how many people voted him into the office of the Sheriff for L.A. County without the knowledge of his leanings toward radical Islamic causes… ie; the Gulen Schools and CAIR. (LA Sheriff tight with Terrorist Group ) As we are learning at our monthly Pink Apron Regiment meetings, our struggles are against insidious, complicated, spiritual forces.

Find in the following articles, more specific, and frightening information related to Gulen Schools and their agenda. It is a long read but worth the information you get from it.

Meet the Most Dangerous Islamist on Planet Earth ~Canada Free Press

Read about Gulen’s start in the Poconos of Pennsylvania ~Family Security Matters

One response to “Radical Islam in local school- Fethullah Gulen’s Schools in the News

  • Dr. Frank Moore

    The Gulen Movement manipulates and controls; Interfaith dialog, education, politics, media, healthcare, banking, police and now they wrestle for the control of the military in Turkey. This same method is being used in the USA. They are dangerous and sneaky, if you disagree with them they will try to destroy you as they have in the last 3 weeks in Turkey jailing over 7 journalists who dare to disagree with them.
    Do your research and find out why Ex-FBI Turkish Translator Sibel Edmonds calls Gulen “100% threat to America” learn about Dr. Joshua Hendricks, Dr. Aland Mizell who have both studied the Gulen Movement and their worldwide schools. We have to stop them from using American Tax Educational monies for their agenda.
    (List of Schools0
    http://www.charterschoolwatchdog.com (read “teachers with guns”)

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