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Obama looking to bypass Congress on gun control — RT

Executive orders have been alleged to be abused in this administration- and now there are rumblings of unwarranted, unwanted tightening of gun controls on the American people. Lest you are an anti-gun advocate, because as they say; “guns kill people,” may I suggest, no, people kill people. They will always have their bare hands or some other primitive weapon to do damage to others.

Guns are a necessary part  of a free society. Take away one’s right to bear arms and you have Hitler’s Germany. Who will protect the vulnerable? With what… bare hands?

Not a new thought but worth considering; “we lock our doors to keep innocent men out…” you finish the alternative. Criminals will not be thwarted by gun controls, but what it will do is disarm American citizens.

When the globalists make their move and take your home, your car and possibly your life, owning a gun will not seem so bad. Did I say globalists? Insert socialists… they are knocking on your front door. See this article from Russia Today.

Obama looking to bypass Congress on gun control — RT.

Get information on what your government is attempting to do with your right to bear arms.

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