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Lighthouse Research Team Visits Saddleback

See the link below to be advised of how globalism; one- world government, one- world religion and one-world economy are being embraced by the church. Much like Rick Warren’s three-legged stool. ”

These problems are so big, everybody has failed [to solve them]. The United States has failed, the United Nations has failed. Nobody has solved these basic problems because [the solution needs] a three-legged stool. For the stability of  a nation, you must have strong healthy government, strong healthy businesses, and strong healthy churches.”

~Rick Warren from: “Faith Undone” written by Roger Oakland

Jesus said, His kingdom was not of this world. He said He would not reign until we were in His Fathers’ kingdom. (Matt. 26:29) He said, the poor we would always have with us. Christians will not alleviate poverty on the earth, nor will we eradicate spiritual poverty. This can only be done by the Holy Spirit. It is God who seeks man. Man in his depravity will never seek God.

It is God’s work, God’s way. This is not to say we should stop caring for those in the household of God, or care for those outside the church- with what is left, or to take the gospel to foreign nations; but we must remember that God has a way of doing things unlike man. “Higher are my ways than your ways and my thoughts higher than yours.” (Isaiah 55:9)

He said of Babel,  “Behold they are one people and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.” God was not pleased that man would attempt to be like God and govern himself. (Gen. 11:6-9) These verses display a principle strangely ignored. God is not in favor of globalism, ecumenicism  (religious conglomerates) or a one -world economy. He confused man’s languages early on in our history because by nature, man is proud and self -sufficient. Perhaps we are too ignorant to accept this truth, even those of us who believe.

Compare and contrast what you see in the following article with the scriptures. Independently, if you take scripture out of context you may be able to support the ideas represented by these well-known well-liked individuals.  However, if you take the whole counsel of God and read line upon line and precept upon precept, you will recognize the efforts of man in our day and time are much like the people of Genesis 11.

Beware of topical teaching. Sometimes it is appropriate, and sometimes there is a hidden agenda behind it. Go to God- let Him lead you into truth.

The method of choice for building the church these days is “consensus thinking,” which stems from the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, now referred to as Hegelian Dialectic. It is not of God, not of the bible, but of Hegel. It is a philosophy that has been used to run governments and corporations for years. It found an open door into the church through the pastor of a  mega-church in Chicago.

Believe what you choose, or believe God’s word. The responsibility for the information God avails to you is now your burden to prove, disprove or ignore.

I recommend reading, “Faith Undone,” a book by Roger Oakland. Early in the church growth movement, (CGM) (formerly known as the emergent church) the  “Leadership Network,” which was the basis of the CGM was inspired by Peter Drucker, a “business guru.”  We have been sadly led astray ever since…  read the book.


Lighthouse Trails Research- Tony Blair at Saddleback

“Total Quality Management [TQM] is based upon the Hegelian dialectic, invented by Georg Wilhelm Freidrich Hegel, a transformational Marxist social psychologist. Briefly, the Hegelian dialectic process works like this:  a diverse group of people (in the church, this is a mixture of believers (thesis) and unbelievers (antithesis), gather in a facilitated meeting (with a trained facilitator/teacher/group leader/change agent), using group dynamics (peer pressure), to discuss a social issue (or dialogue the Word of God), and reach a pre-determined outcome (consensus, compromise, or synthesis).

“When the Word of God is dialogued (as opposed to being taught didactically) between believers and unbelievers… and consensus is reached – agreement that all are comfortable with – then the message of God’s Word has been watered down ever so slightly, and the participants have been conditioned to accept (and even celebrate) their compromise (synthesis).  The new synthesis becomes the starting point (thesis) for the next meeting, and the process of continual change (innovation) continues.

“The fear of alienation from the group is the pressure that prevents an individual from standing firm for the truth of the Word of God, and such a one usually remains silent (self-editing).  The fear of man (rejection) overrides the fear of God.  The end result is a “paradigm shift” in how one processes factual information.

By: Berit Kjos    Crossroads

The Crossroads link is an outstanding explanation of the three-legged stool approach; the Hegelian approach to “operating” the church.  CGM churches are using management methods to obtain results at the expense of members who are committed to doing things Gods way.

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