Many people love and follow Pastor Rick Warren  and lives have been changed all over the world by his,  “40 Days of “_______ ” depending on what you have read.

Sadly, watchmen,more learned than I,  have concluded he has become very dangerous to the gospel of Yeshua/Jesus in many ways from embracing Islamists  as partners in a global environment, to being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (whose primary goal is to establish a one-world-government which would usher in a one-world-religion).

He has taken our command to feed the poor to globalizing Christians and non Christians to  help around the world, creating an ecumenical environment while discouraging his parishioners from reading bible prophecy. Hence many believe he is a “kingdom on earth” supporter when Yeshua Himself told us that His kingdom is not of this world.

Currently he is motivating thousands (6,000 at first estimate) who attended a seminar he entitled “The Daniel Plan,” to not only loose weight, but to change the ways they live-  encouraging them  to live  in a more communal environment.  His dais for the event included a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian.

I am giving you links to discover these facts for yourself. I did not come to the conclusions these writers have stated, they have- and they have done so with fear and trepidation of coming against a brother in Christ.

However, the bible tells us to expose and name false teachers because they lead the flock astray. Love and pray for the man, but be wary of following those who come teaching a different gospel.

Interview with Daniel Plan seminar attendee from Lighthouse Trails Research blog

The Daniel Plan

Lighthouse Trails Research

Moriel Ministries

Paul McGuire

Dave Hocking: Hope for Today

Calvary Chapel and the Purpose Driven Life

Tony Blair Faith Foundation-Advisory position

This organizations’ advisors include those who practice Zen and have Muslim associations. Research the names on the list and find Ismail Khudr Al-Shatti Ph.D as an honorary member of a Muslim education organization:

The Islamic Research Foundation

Council on Foreign Relations Membership Roster

John MacArthur: YOU TUBE

See Warren speak to the The Islamic Society of North America


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