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The Ill-will Between the Serpent and the Woman

As a result of Eve listening to the serpents’ suggestion in the garden of Eden, God pronounced not only enmity between the seed of the woman (Messiah)  and his seed but also between the serpent and the woman. Enmity is a word that deserves some consideration. Particularly because the Father uses it to describe the conditons that will apply both to the Messiah and the woman. Gen. 3:15-16 Adam has his own issues with God.

This hatred (Hebrew definition of enmity) is clearly seen in our world today. Women and young girls suffer at the hands of others. Defenseless little girls are still subject to genital mutilation in certain parts of the world.  American young girls can be subject to this abuse if taken from this country to places where it is still legal. Rape is rampant around the world, and young girls are subjected to be brides to Muslim men in the middle east as property and possessions. Women wear hot, uncomfortable burkas to avoid any attention from men in muslim countries causing heat exhaustion in hot climates and other forms of shame for being a woman.

In America, some women who do not have the wisdom that God gives, are being used, abused and treated with disrespect all the while contributing to it by their lifestyle, manner of dress, speech and action. Make no mistake,  this is part of the sin nature. But- much deeper are the roots of this dilemma; it is a pronouncement from God and an outcome of Eve’s sin.

The bible tell us that Adam’s sin is the sin that causes all life to die. (Rom 5:14). After the two were removed from the garden, Adam named Eve the “mother of all of the living.” From her blood line would come the Messiah of the world. Little did Adam know how meaningful her name would be. Women nurture, care for, love and tend to others. They are found most responsive in situations that require tenderness during illness, childbirth, family tragedies and events that require life giving comfort. And Mary birthed Messiah without natural conception but rather by the Spirit.

In this writers observation, God did not curse Eve, but He did tell her in advance that she would experience things that were the result of her disobedience in the garden, making her life harder. Also- the enmity between her and the serpent has had a lasting effect throughout generations.

How has this truth affected your life, and do you have the ability to change it? Are you suffering in your marriage, career, emotionally or otherwise feeling that you are subjected to things that are out of your control? These issues can keep you in bondage and ineffective for the Lord.

On January 21, Pink Apron Regiment will meet to discuss this and other issues that keep women ineffective in ministry. Living a life based on the cleansing work of Messiah and His shed blood for us can have dynamic and everlasting effects. Please join us for our flagship meeting and get some answers. Hope to see you there.

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