Don’t Get Stuck in the Kitchen!

Join us January 21 for the flagship meeting of Pink Apron Regiment (P.A.R.) to be held at Beth Ariel Fellowship in Canoga Park.

Our topic:   “Great Deceptions”

The morning will be challenging and important to the way we see the world and communicate the truth of God’s word.

You are needed in your community whether you are a Mary or Martha. We live in a world full of chaos and deception. Will you join us as we embark on bringing the good news to our lost and dying world?

For more meeting information click here to see our Meeting Info

AND browse the pages of this blog for lots of  information tucked away under the title pages. Hope to hear from you!

Before you leave, check out the special message by clicking here:


Follow Pink Apron Regiment on Twitter. Search for “Diana Peyton” and find the pink polka dots.  Become a follower and get occasional reminders and updates about P.A.R.

Also, at the bottom of this page, find a box called “Over the fence,” where you can chat with other women who are a part of P.A.R.


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